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Lift Kit

50-ft Kit


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Use the Lift Kit to raise the overall height of your Caterpillar Tunnel 16 inches. Simply TEK screw the additional pipe lengths onto the bottom of your bows and, voila, your tunnel is 16” taller! It’s great for trellised crops like tomatoes or cucumbers. It also makes your outer beds more accessible. The kit uses the same rebar, anchor plates and carabiners that came with your standard kit. It can actually be retrofitted on a standing tunnel!

Note: You must use our 28’ wide plastic with the Lift Kit in order to reach the ground on both sides. The 28’ wide plastic is now standard on all tunnels, but if you ordered your tunnel before March 2018, you may need to order the wider plastic. Also, unless your tunnel came with (2) 750’ spools of rope, (100’ tunnel) or (1) 750’ spool (50’ tunnel) you will need to purchase an additional roll to accommodate the extra height.

Each kit includes: either 22 (for 50’ tunnel) or 42 (for 100’ tunnel) 19” pipe pieces (3” is swedged to slide into the bows), and TEK screws.