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Trellising Wire Hangers



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With our Trellising Wire Hanger upgrade, you can easily run trellising wire the length of your Caterpillar Tunnel allowing you to more easily grow crops like tomatoes or cucumbers. Our custom designed reversible hangers can be quickly attached to each bow with one of the included TEK screws. Then thread heavy duty trellising wire (not included) through the 1/4” hole at the base of each hook. We recommend anchoring the ends of your trellising wire to a T-post on each end of your caterpillar tunnel in order to best support the load of your plants.

There are three purchase options for our Trellising Hook upgrade kit; a pack of 33 (3 per bow in a 50’ tunnel), and a pack of 63 (3 per bow in a 100’ tunnel), and Individually. Each kit comes with an equal number of TEK screws.