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Wiggle Wire


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Our Wiggle Wire upgrade kit helps turn your Caterpillar Tunnel into a more permanent greenhouse solution. Wiggle wire allows you to have tighter plastic, or help hold down shade cloth on your Caterpillar tunnel. In most cases, we recommend pairing Wiggle Wire with our Wind Bracing upgrade kit, allowing for increased wind protection, plus eliminating the need for the cone-shaped plastic bunching at each end of your tunnel. This is especially helpful on urban farms or other situations where space is limited. 

The Wiggle Wire upgrade contains 8’ of base channel and 8’ of wiggle wire. For typical installations we recommend 4 sets, allowing for two sets of Wiggle Wire and channel on each end bow. If you want the Wiggle Wire to extend all the way to the ground, you will need 6 sets (3 for each end bow). We also recommend using TEK screws (not included) to attach the channel to the bows.