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Our Ebenezer


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John and Pam Dysinger started life together with the desire to serve. Young and idealistic, they headed to Kenya with the passion to make a difference in the lives of children and youth. For the next eight years the classroom was their platform for ministry. Then the call came. Like Abraham’s call to leave the comforts of home for an unknown destination, their call was to leave the comforts of employment, for an unknown occupation. In a world of fractured relationships, John was called to come home and join Pam in the raising of their children.

Farming was God’s appointed vehicle to unite the family. Together they worked toward common goals and experienced the exhilaration of conquering seemingly insurmountable task; together they experienced the fears and struggles of “failure” and the financial constraints of “poverty.”

Walk with them through this candid account of their experience as they learned to follow God and depend on Him alone. Grapple with them as they face the harsh realities of learning to farm; cling with them to the promises of God and the desire to be faithful to His call. Above all, come to know that, while your path may not be exactly the same, God does want the same kind of intimate relationship with you.