Quick-cut Greens Harvester


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Mak­ing baby greens prof­itable again.

Labor Savings
001 Speedometer
002 United States
Made in USA

Rolling Macramé Brush

The ulti­mate solu­tion for greens wrangling.

Multiple Harvests

Ide­al for Cut-and-Come-Again crops at any size.

Ser­rat­ed Food-grade blade

Mak­ing the cut. Time and time again.

ProfessionallyTested & Reviewed

The Quick Cut Greens Har­vester is a sol­id invest­ment for mar­ket grow­ers. It shaved four hours per week from our work­load, and made our work eas­i­er to do. I high­ly rec­om­mend it.

Ben Hartman
Clay Bottom Farm

Want to make salad greens profitable again?
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What’s in the Box

Cord­less drill is not included.