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Quick-cut Greens Harvester

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Making baby greens profitable again.

The Quick-cut Greens Harvester is revolutionizing baby greens production on hundreds of farms around the globe; and it’s easy to see why.

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Labor Savings
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Rolling Macramé Brush

The ultimate solution for greens wrangling.

The swift rolling action of the macramé brush gently pulls individual leaves into the blades and then tosses them to the back of the basket.

Multiple Harvests

Ideal for Cut-and-Come-Again crops at any size.

When harvesting with the Quick Cut Greens Harvester, the neat, clean surface left behind is perfect for those planning on a second harvest from the same bed. Harvesting is also just as effective when the crop is more mature or “leggy.”

Serrated Food-grade blade

Making the cut. Time and time again.

The razor sharp serrated blade helps give a cleaner cut than harvesting by hand with a knife or scissors. A simple pin allows the blade to pivot for easy cleaning, sharpening or replacement.

Professionally Tested & Reviewed

The Quick Cut Harvester is a must for any small or urban farmer looking to market a 100 lbs of salad mix per week or more.

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Want to make salad greens profitable again?
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What’s in the Box

Cordless drill is not included.