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Microgreens at 3 seconds per tray

Microgreens are one of the fastest growing crops a market farmer can grow. With the help of the Quick Stand and the Quick Cut Green’s Harvester, they’re now the fastest to harvest too—clocking in at a blazing 3 seconds per tray.

*Harvester & C-clamps not Included*

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004 Stopwatch
3 Seconds per tray
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Variable Harvest Height
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Made in USA

Adjustable height

Quickly harvest trays of all sizes.

With fully adjustable height and tilt controls, The Quick-Stand allows you to harvest both deep and shallow trays between one and five inches tall. Tilt control is also built in, allowing for easy adjustments if you’re working on a non level surface.

Pivoting Design

Quickly dump greens with no disassembly.

Once you’ve harvested a full basket of microgreens, simply pivot the harvester to a vertical position and watch your freshly cut greens tumble into a bin. Simple as that.

Microgreens Flat
Microgreens Pivoted
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What’s in the Box

Harvester and C-clamps not included.

Microgreens 1 Wide

Quick Stand

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