A simple irrigation solution for your Caterpillar Tunnel.

Have you ever felt intimidated by the challenge of designing your own irrigation system? Or, been frustrated with working around unruly lines of drip tape on your beds? We’ve been there too. The basic needs of your plants shouldn’t be complicated.

Join the more than two million farmers worldwide who are irrigating with Netafim irrigation systems and experience the difference it can make on your farm. No more frustration. No more guesswork.

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Uniform Watering3
Highly Uniform Watering


Highly uniform watering.

We’ve designed the overhead irrigation system to work perfectly with all of our Farmers Friend caterpillar tunnels. By using 3-foot spacing between sprinklers you will experience exceptional uniformity—no more dry or oversaturated spots in your beds!

Drip-less Sprinklers

No dripping. No damage.

By using Netafim SpinNet sprinkler heads with check valves, your new irrigation system will feature drip-less operation, ensuring the plants directly below the sprinkler heads won’t be damaged by overwatering. Every plant matters!


Out of your way.

If you’re a farmer, you know the challenge of drip irrigation: long lines of drip tape getting in the way of your cultivating, seeding, transplanting and harvesting. Get your irrigation up and out of the way and start saving hours of unnecessary hassle every season.


Cutting-edge irrigation technology

Automation is the cutting edge of agriculture innovation and for good reason. With our automatic overhead irrigation kit, you can now set-and-check your watering needs with a programmable schedule, customizing your irrigation frequency to meet your specific growth goals. You’ll never want to go back to manual watering again.

Quality Components

Built to last.

We have sourced top-notch parts to deliver the quality and value you have come to expect. All sprinklers are made from the highest quality plastics with excellent UV resistance. These plastics will not crack, ensuring a longer life with fewer maintenance issues.

Complete kit.

Everything you need.

Irrigation systems are complicated to design and can be a headache to source all the parts you need. We’ve done the hard work for you! After testing countless fittings and multiple layouts, the easiest and most effective solution is now available. Everything you need is included—except water of course.

What crops work well with overhead irrigation?

Generally crops with leafy greens like Lettuce, Arugula, Cabbage, Kale, Collards, Radishes, and the like, are most benefited by overhead irrigation. (Drip irrigation still has its place on crops like Tomatoes, Peppers and Cucumbers. Also, leafy greens may benefit from drip in the winter — when moisture and humidity are extra high.) In the summer months, use our overhead irrigation system with shade cloth for evaporative cooling on leafy greens.


Irrigation installation made easy.

With our full-color, step-by-step instruction manual, plus our installation video, this may be the easiest irrigation system you’ve ever installed.

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