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Salad Spinner


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Greens drying at it’s finest

Of all the hand-cranked greens spinners we’ve tested, this one is by far our favorite. With it’s innovative “braking system,”  sealed gearbox, heavy-duty FDA approved plastic, and large 5 gallon capacity, there’s a lot to love about this spinner.


Innovative braking system

This 5 gallon greens spinner incorporates a patented brake system. When using a non-braking salad spinner, it is typical for the user to force the spinning handle to a quick stop. While this practice does save time, it is also very stressful to the gear system in the salad spinner. Now you can simply press the large, rectangular button right on top to quickly and easily bring the spinner to a stop.



Heavy-duty construction

Heavy-duty plastic construction requires no assembly and accommodates up to six heads of lettuce, making it a must-have for efficient farm use. Plus, this spinner includes a sealed gearbox for more sanitary conditions.

Crank handle

Get a grip on your greens.

The rust-resistant crank grip handle has finger grips to minimize operator fatigue and is made of tough, corrosion resistant chrome plated brass. The handle may spin clockwise or counter clockwise.

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