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Gothic Tunnel Now Available!

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Quonset / 2-3 hr assembly
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Quonset Pro / 4-5 hr assembly
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Gothic / 3-4 hr assembly
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Gothic Pro / 5-7 hr assembly


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Changing with the seasons.

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Plastic in early Spring and late Fall
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Shade Cloth in Summer

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Easy up. Easy down.

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If you’re looking for a fast, cheap and effective tunnel, this is the one! For urban and small scale farmers like myself, we need something that goes up fast, comes down clean and can be moved around easily. This is it.

Curtis Stone
Green City Acres

Ready to grow better crops further into the season?
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What’s on the Pallet

Each caterpillar tunnel is unique. The base configuration comes with the parts below. NOTE: T-posts are not included in our kits. If you plan to do the typical caterpillar tunnels ends, you will need to purchase 4 T-posts.