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  • best valued tunnel out there. Simple easy setup.

    By shawn u. from Mud Dog Farm, LLC on April 20, 2018
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    One of the best valued caterpillar tunnel out there. Have several at 100’ length and we can’t be happier. side wall height without the leg extension was of concern but we have enough clearance at the edge to run our 749 BCS with the big wheels. So that you can comfortably get full use of 14’. We’ve stretched ours out to 14’ 6” to cover 4 30 inch beds plus 3 18 inch walkway for a total of 14’ 6”. So no wasted space and extra 6 inch in width hasn’t hurt the hoops. Easy to assemble. It took only one person to get the thing up in about 1/2 a day. Skin for it I had to wait for really calm day but not a problem for a single person. Two people would definitely make it much faster and easier. Added bracing, solid purlins and leg extension. You do need to think of anchoring the leg extension, more rope, side wall curtain… but the added height made it worthwhile for cucumber and tomatoes. In one tunnel, 130 cucumber plants total down two middle beds. Another tunnel, 200 tomato plants total down two middle beds. The outer beds of both tunnel were planted with peppers or with egg plants. We’ve also interplanted mustard and arrugla to boost profit per square feet. You do need to go back every few days to tighten the rope when you first put it up because the rope will stretch for several weeks initially. It’s about the only maintenance needed.
  • Great Solution for Season Extension

    By Mary W. from Beautiful Edibles on December 19, 2017
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    We explored various options for our first Season Extension tunnels. After looking at the prices and factoring in our time to source all the supplies, this was the best cost solution. We purchased a drill bit and the T-posts for the ends. We installed over existing East/West beds in October and experienced 40 mph wind gusts out of the Northwest the following week that loosened the plastic and ropes. We tightened everything down from the storm and had no problems the next storm that hit. We have enjoyed harvesting winter greens inside the tunnels. We love that we can stand up inside!
  • Wind problems and solutions

    By Laura D. from Little Beaver Nursery & Gardens, LLC. on December 15, 2017
    This review is from: Caterpillar Tunnel
    We often get high winds in the spring and early winter (the times of year when this tunnel is necessary). I did speak with customer service before ordering and we talked about the potential changes to assembly. We spaced our bows only 4 feet on center, instead of 5, and it made the structure much more rigid. We also have sandbags on the edge of the plastic, spaced around the entire structure. Even so, we initially had a lot of trouble with the plastic being too loose. We spent a few weeks repeatedly tightening the plastic and retying it on the ends between the t-posts. It takes just a little wind underneath the plastic to catch it, and little by little it loosens the ends until they balloon up and down. The dramatic movement causes breaks and permanent creases in the plastic. For anyone in a windy area, this is our solution: Buy some more rope. Make sure the ends are pulled as tightly as possible and secured well. Tie one end of the rope to the last carabiner and throw it over the plastic end. Loop it through the opposite carabiner and pass the rope back over the plastic to the opposite side. Tie it off on the first carabiner. Do this on both ends. Our fix causes some tension on the purlin strap, but this hasn’t been a problem so far. The rope just inhibits the constant up and down motion that eventually loosens the plastic. It has held pretty easily for a month. If you don’t inhibit this movement, the plastic degrades really quickly, and it’s a pretty disappointing loss. One last note. I wish the plastic was about two feet wider. It would be so much more simple to inhibit the wind from sneaking in.

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    • Mary Winstead on December 19, 2017
      This advice is appreciated and we will discuss using this method. We had the same situation the weekend after we installed with wind gust over 40 mph and the ends billowing up. We also used sandbags, tightened the plastic and tightened the rope. Wider plastic would cut down on some of the wind drafts here also.
  • Total game changer for modular and fast season extension

    By Curtis S. from Green City Acres on July 18, 2017
    This review is from: Caterpillar Tunnel

    FULL REVIEW: The caterpillar tunnel’s have been a crucial addition to our farm this year. They’re really simplified the modular, moveable, quick up and down greenhouse. Season extension has always been a challenge for us on an urban farm, so poly low tunnels have been our default for many years. We still use them a bit, but they just don’t handle the heavy winds and snow loads like these do. The way we have these set up at Green City Acres is a 50 foot tunnel with the end bows running at 45 degrees. This is the create an end that is short and fits compactly right into our urban plots. I even put one of these in my front yard this year. We also have each tunnel set up with micro-sprinklers, so no more having to hand water in our low tunnels. This was a major time saver this year. It is possible to build your own caterpillar tunnel, the components are very simple, however, I do prefer to just have everything show up at my door and Farmer’s Friend have really made the price so competitive, that I’d rather just order and have everything I need show up to my door.

  • Nice in theory; not in practice

    By AJ . from United States on June 11, 2017
    This review is from: Caterpillar Tunnel

    We have rocky shallow soil, which made it impossible to put hoops perfectly equidistant and rebar to same depth. If you can’t build it 100% perfectly it becomes structurally unsound. Nothing but trouble since we got it up. The ropes loosen in the wind, the hoops have bent out of shape, plastic has ripped, and the ends don’t stay neatly secure. Great design in theory, but if you farm in a place with rocks or winds, this is not a reasonable design.

  • Goes up FAST!

    By Erik G. from Even Pull Farm on April 23, 2017
    This review is from: Caterpillar Tunnel

    We bought two of these last winter and set them up over beds we had a tarp on in early spring. They have been a huge help this very wet and cool spring in Oregon. During our set up we followed along with their well done YouTube video and were able to get the tunnels set up really quickly between rain events. We got the ridge line and tie down strings really tight for a for a wind storm and they did amazing with wind gusts well over 50 mph. The best part is that the kit comes with everything you need. We didn’t need to make a single trip to the hardware store, a first for one of our farm projects! Thanks for making a great product - already thinking of expanding our fleet!

  • Bought for early tomatoes and over wintering salad greens

    By Joe C. from Calvert Enterprises on March 15, 2017
    This review is from: Caterpillar Tunnel

    The kit goes together very easily. It is very simple yet a very nice kit. But like he said in the instructional video don’t try to do it in the wind. I did it in the wind and we did make it happen but it was a pain. Wait until the wind dies down and it will be very easy. Thank you for a great product!