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Cutting-Edge Season Extension.

The Farmer’s Friend Caterpillar Tunnel kit brings the benefits of greenhouse production to the masses in an easy-to-assemble and affordable package. No bending hoops or shopping for random parts. Quick to build and move. All while providing excellent air flow for proper ventilation and protection from rain, hail, and light snow. Plus get free shipping when you order two or more!

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Quick assembly
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Just over a dollar per square foot
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Gothic Tunnel Now Available!

Introducing our new Gothic Tunnel and Gothic Tunnel Pro!

Perfect for northern climates with frequent snowfall, the Gothic Tunnel will allow you to grow longer into the winter than a Quonset-style tunnel. This new tunnel also includes a solid purlin and wind bracing to add even more rigidity to your structure.

For extreme winter growing, upgrade to the Gothic Tunnel Pro (shown), which includes a Solid Purlin, Wind Bracing, Cross Bracing and Lift Kit for added strength and height.

Tech Specs

Gothic Details

Tunnel width: 14ft

Peak height: 98in Gothic / 114in Gothic Pro

Cross bracing height: 78in Gothic / 94in Gothic Pro

Plastic: 28ft x 130ft 6mil, 4-year

*Tunnel in photo shown with open ends

Caterpillar Tunnel Options

Quonset vs Gothic

The Quonset-style tunnel (LEFT) is our classic Caterpillar Tunnel design. It’s cost-effective and portable design make for a great starter tunnel and is excellent for those who frequently move it around their farm. The Gothic-style Caterpillar Tunnel (RIGHT) is an excellent choice for those living in northern climates where snow is a frequent threat. The Gothic Pro tunnel is also our most sturdy Caterpillar Tunnel available, making it an ideal choice for those with high wind environments as well.

Gothic Tunnels 2
Gothic Tunnels 3

A Tunnel for Every Farm.

Which Caterpillar Tunnel is right for you?

Quenset Icon
Quonset / 2-3 hr assembly
Quenset Pro Icon
Quonset Pro / 4-5 hr assembly
Gothic Icon
Gothic / 3-4 hr assembly
Gothic Pro Icon
Gothic Pro / 5-7 hr assembly


High profitability. Low cost. Free delivery.*

The Farmer’s Friend Caterpillar Tunnel Kit is the most cost-effective option on the market—even when compared to DIY kits. *Plus get FREE shipping right to your door when you order two or more! (continental USA only) Your plants will thank you.


Changing with the seasons.

Our Caterpillar Tunnels work great for starting crops earlier in the spring, and keeping them going longer in the fall. In the heat of summer you can easily push the plastic all over to one side, or take it off completely, and replace it with shade cloth to protect your crops from the summer heat.

006 Snowflake 1
Plastic in early Spring and late Fall
002 Sun 2
Shade Cloth in Summer

Assembly & Mobility

Easy up. Easy down.

With our in-depth installation video and included step-by-step instruction guide, this will be the easiest tunnel you’ve ever built. Two people can fully assemble our 14’ × 100’ tunnel in just two hours. Our Caterpillar Tunnel kits are fast and easy to move around your farm as production needs change throughout the season. Once it’s up, you’ll have plenty of room to walk around without bumping your head thanks to it’s 7ft 8in center height.

Professionally Tested & Reviewed

If you’re looking for a fast, cheap and effective tunnel, this is the one! For urban and small scale farmers like myself, we need something that goes up fast, comes down clean and can be moved around easily. This is it.

Curtis Stone
Green City Acres

Ready to grow better crops further into the season?
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What’s on the Pallet

Each caterpillar tunnel is unique. The base configuration comes with the parts below. NOTE: T-posts are not included in our kits. If you plan to do the typical caterpillar tunnels ends, you will need to purchase 4 T-posts.