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Frost Protection

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Frost protection. On a roll.

Whether you need extra protection for early tomatoes on cold nights or keeping pests away from the kale, our UV stabilized Gro-Guard agriculture protection covers are here to help.

002 Thermometer 1
Protects down to 24°F
001 Sun
Up to 80% light transmission

0.6oz Insect protection covers

The bugs will regret this…

If you have certain crops that need extra insect protection, our 0.6oz Floating Row Cover will do the trick. Our lightest weight row covers allow air, water, and up to 80% of ambient light to pass through, all while lowering moisture loss and even providing lightweight frost protection down to 27°F.

1.0oz Frost protection cover

Quick and easy frost protection.

Our 1.0oz medium weight frost protection covers will protect crops down to 24°F. They also increase soil and air temperature during daylight hours, and slow heat loss at night helping to maximize their effectiveness and maintain soil temperatures.

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