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The Flame Weeder Refined

Precision-made using a mixture of industrial-grade aluminum and stainless steel, the Pyroweeder’s multi-burner, light-weight, and back-saving design is here to revolutionize flame weeding on small farms! (Propane tank not included.)

Pyroweeder above shown with optional Flame Blade.

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minute burn time
001 Layers
Stainless Steel and Aluminium construction
002 United States
Made in USA

Ergonomic Design

Tough on weeds, not your back.

We’ve designed the Pyroweeder to be highly adjustable in order to meet both your needs and those of your farm. Features such as an offset and reversible handle, adjustable handle height, burner angle, wheel width (31”-38”), as well as a chassis mounted propane tank make the Pyroweeder exceptionally ergonomic and user friendly. (Propane tank not included.)

Enhance Flame Effectiveness

Flame Blade Accessory

Take your Pyroweeder to the next level by purchasing this add on. Our flame blade accessory shelters and directs the heat right to the soil, spreading the heat more evenly. The blade protects the flame from wind, maintaining a robust burn. This simplifies startup and protects against flameout. Your weeds will hate it!

Build Quality

Built to last.

The Pyroweeder’s lightweight, non-rusting aluminum and stainless-steel frame (including all stainless-steel hardware) allows nimble maneuverability in the field, while remaining highly durable to withstand the rigors of farm life for years to come.

48” of firepower awesomeness

8-burner Pyroweeder

Burns a wider path than our standard 5-burner model, the 8-burner Pyroweeder comes with extended axles for wheel widths of 42”-54”, as well as a wider handle for easier use on larger beds.

Future Tool Expansion

An investment in the future of small farm tools.

We’ve designed the Pyroweeder’s multipurpose chassis with future tool line expansion in mind. When you purchase a Pyroweeder, you’ll be ready for more innovative tools and attachments to come!

Longer Burn Time

Two tanks, twice the time.

Our two-tank upgrade allows for extended burn time to help you cover a larger area without stopping to swap tanks. You might consider getting just the braces so that you can carry an additional tank with you in the field to switch to when your first tank is empty. Include the plumbing if you want to draw propane off of both tanks simultaneously.

Professionally Tested & Reviewed

The Pyroweeder is the flame weeder I’ve always wanted. Easy to maneuver, light weight, with tons of fire power!”

Curtis Stone
Green City Acres

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What’s in the Box

Propane tank and Flame Blade not included.

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