Assembly Video

Pyroweeder Assembly

Assembly & Instruction Manual


30-inch model

5 Burners

Upgradable to 8 Burner

48-inch model

8 Burners

Burner Angle

90°+ adjustment

Burner Height

50° adjustment

Handle Angle

35° adjustment

Tool Cart Ground Clearance

Adjustable to either 6 ¾" or 10 ¾"

Swap and invert axle assemblies to increase cart height

Track Width

30-inch model

Expandable from 31"–38" inside wheel width

48-inch model

Expandable from 42"–54" inside wheel width

BTU Output

30-inch model

300,000 BTUs at 25 psi

48-inch model

480,000 BTUs at 25 psi