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Game-changing weed management.

Are weeds outnumbering the vegetable plants in your garden? Are you spending more time cultivating than harvesting?

Enter Silage Tarps. Made popular by Jean-Martin Fortier in his book The Market Gardener, Silage Tarps are a simple, cost-effective way to preemptively eliminate weed pressure in your growing space.

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Weed suppression made simple.

Nip weeds in the bud. Literally.

Our 5-mil, UV-treated polyethylene tarps create a stale seedbed in as little as 3 weeks!

Here’s how it works: The black tarp creates a warm, moist environment which quickly kills established weeds and encourages rapid weed seed germination. The newly emerged weeds then face a dark, suffocating environment in which they quickly die. Worms and other beneficial organisms soon appear to decompose any organic matter and loosen the soil. In three to four weeks (up to six weeks in winter) you will have an almost completely composted and beautiful stale seedbed! It’s the closest thing yet to “easy gardening”!

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