Our Mission

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Do you face these challenges on your farm?

Endless weeds

Complicated and intimidating irrigation systems

Lack of affordable greenhouse space

Long hours harvesting salad greens

Cumbersome trellising systems

Labor intensive microgreens harvesting

Greenhouse getting too hot in the summer

Losing plants to surprise early frosts

Quick-cut Greens Harvester

Quick-cut Greens Harvester

Harvest up to 175 lbs of greens per hour

Innovative macromé brush gently sweeps greens into basket

Perfect for cut-and-come-again crops

Razor-sharp blade gives cleaner cut than harvesting by hand


Replacement parts and accessories

Who are we?

We are a forward-thinking, visionary, Tennessee-based startup with a growing team of innovators, manufacturers, and designers. We exist to develop tools to make 21st century small farms more efficient and profitable.

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