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Center Purlin

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Our Center Purlin upgrade kit dramatically increases your Caterpillar Tunnel’s ability to withstand wind and snow loads, increasing overall strength and rigidity, and turning it into a true four-season structure. Based on customer experience, we know of at least one Caterpillar Tunnel, fitted with a center purlin, that withstood up to 38” of snow like a champ (Although we don’t recommend trying this at your farm)!

Each kit includes purlins, cross connectors, cross connector hardware, and TEK screws to attach the purlin together. (see details below)

Note: While the purlin will increase rigidity, it will also increase the time and effort involved in moving the tunnel.


50’ Kit

— 6x 8’ Swedged Straight Pipes

— 1x 42” Non-swedged Straight Pipe

— 22x Cross Connectors, bolts, & nuts.

— 15x TEK Screws

100’ Kit

— 12x 8’ Swedged Straight Pipes

— 1x 84” Non-swedged Straight Pipe

— 42x Cross Connectors, bolts, & nuts.

— 15x TEK Screws